Company Overview

KENN Software is a leading ERP consulting and implementation company, specializing in software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Over the years, we have developed a unique insight into small- and medium-sized companies’ software solution needs across several industries. Headquartered in kolkata, we are the largest SAP Business Service Provider in India for the SAP Business One solution with an ongoing commitment to uncover new technology and tools that will assist our customers in meeting their full business potential. 

In addition to SAP Business One, KENN Software has own ERP named  KFactoR. The product intended to assist with finance, manufacturing, logistics, payroll, customer relationship management for small and medium-sized enterprises and it has a reputation as being easy to customize.

KENN Software came to existence to bring more focus on business solutions in the areas of Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. The organisation consists of three divisions - namely ESO (Enterprise Solutions Organisation), KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and the WS (Web Solution).



The Enterprise Solutions Organisation provides consulting and implementation solutions around the ERP domain, custom development services and Product conceptualization and development services. The Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) division provides voice and data processing services in the niche areas of Customer Management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services, Data Entry / Data Processing Services, Technical Support Services, Inside Sales Services, Customer Fulfillment Services. 

KENN Software's Enterprise Solutions Organisation works with you to analyze and clarify your company's needs and objectives of a software solution. Taking into account your current situation and future plans, we determine the optimum solution to meet your requirements. KENN Software helps each client find the ERP software that best fits their budget, timeframe, industry, technological infrastructure and operational needs. The most important factor in selecting a new system is: to make sure your company is successful with the new system. Our software selection methodology analyzes data regarding each client’s unique business and technical requirements against viable ERP software solutions to help companies understand all of the options as well as the associated costs, risks and benefits of each choice. We consider the full range of products available, including pre-configured templates, industry Best Practices and industry solutions, where appropriate. We take time to explain how the solution will work for you and offer advice about all aspects of implementation, support and future development – so you get a clear, comprehensive picture of the impact of “Business Application” on your organization and can progress to implementation with confidence. This is done through a comprehensive evaluation based on seven primary areas:

  • Environment
  • Process Review
  • Requirements
  • Financial Analysis
  • Change Readiness
  • Evaluation of Alternatives

After our initial analysis is complete, we harness the resources of our quantitative analysis model, technology assessment, organizational and readiness assessment, and benefits realization plan to find the ideal ERP system for each client. This approach helps companies best plan and prepare for a new ERP system while addressing specific business needs, and identify the total cost of ownership of ERP packages. With KENN Software there are no surprises.


Key Focus Areas

  • ERP Consulting and Implementation

  • Custom Development Services

  • Product Development Services

  • Web Application

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Data Entry / Processing Services

  • Industrial Training


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